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From: Alan Mossman (
Date: 02/19/01

Replying to LO26152 --

On 17.2.01 14:58 Richard Karash wrote in LO26152:

>"What are some identified best practices in mentoring? We emphasize
>mentoring for staff development, but it's non-specific. I'd like to help
>people be better mentors and improve our program.
> - What are best practices for the individual mentor?
> - What are best practices for mentoring programs?"

I forwarded it to a friend of mine, Frances Early, who wrote:

>I have a couple of practical and readable guides: The Mentors Handbook and a
>Guide to Implementing Mentoring Schemes. These are handbooks that we
>produced for HertsTEC and they are 5 each. I think these would help him.
>Frances Early
>Cambridge Business Psychologists
>Tel +44 1223 573133
<mailto: "Frances Early">

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