Corporate memory, the hard way LO26173

From: Grey, Denham C. (
Date: 02/19/01

Replying to LO26156 --

Mark McElroy referring to self-organization & knowledge flows writes:

>Enhancing the dynamics of knowledge in human social systems must begin
>with the recognition that such dynamics are self-propelled. Designing
>practice with enhancement in mind must, therefore, DEFER to these
>dynamics and ASSIST them, not replace them, and certainly not overlook

I guess I'm uncertain how to proceed here.

Say those dynamics are pathologic?, how does one discern the key drivers?,
how does one come to understand the interactions and the trajectories of
these 'natural dynamics', how do you decide on interventions, practices
and technologies to leverage them? If that is too harsh, what do you steer
by when you 'go with the flow'?

>From my position, I like Mark's approach, but feel it needs some coupling
with tangible diagnostics and interventions.

I'm lost on the how after having been given the why and the what??



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