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Date: 02/21/01

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Hi Jack and org learners

Any organisation (processing- structure) by definition must be a learning
org, even if it does or does not say they are. As far back as 70's, and I
can go back further, managerial cybernetics buffs were taking about
anticipation processing- structures (a systems 4, the creative centre, in
VSM is just that, a learning org component).

Elliot Jaques has been saying since 1950 if management and subordinates do
not have the anticipatory and learning capabilities an organisation will
not survive.

Every company is an LO the key ingredient for an LO to survive is to have
the processing- structures to innovate, create- creativeness and grow.(and
all the other stuff right too).

Of course it is not just as simple as that, but any organism does have a
mechanism whereby it intuits the future wherever the company knows it or

Russell Ackoff on page 252 of re-creating the corporation says LO's are
fads. And he has a point, nothing has changed in organisations for
thousands of years just the names we dig up to describe what's going on.
If we were alive 500 years ago and living in Holland we would be
discussing the very same thing on how we should keep the Dutch east India
company growing, innovating etc etc. Probably just using different words
(and Dutch) to describe what we think is going on.


Jack Russell wrote:

> Much is said about LO's and the perception of the organisation that
>'thinks' it is a LO. But what of the people within the Org? The people
>are the Org, therefore they are the "LO", if they ascribe to be. The LO
>can not be declared or announced by management, it can not be
>imposed.....It must come from within. It seems that the establishment
>and implementation of a LO is described by too many people in a
>superficially simplistic manner. What organisational leaders should be
>trying to gain an understanding of are the many psychological aspects
>that would underpin the LO in an ideal world......Congruence, Attribution
>theory, Learning styles, conformity & compliance......etc.....


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Re-Creating the Corporation : A Design of Organizations for the 21st Century by Russell Lincoln Ackoff


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