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From: Richard Holloway (
Date: 02/26/01

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I presume this was a rhetorical question, Jack, to generate conversation.
This is one of those historical questions. It's been asked in the context
of religious beliefs; socio-political ideologies (which of course is the
derivation of your "utopian" metaphor); human relationships of all sorts. the event we could agree that the LO is an ideal and beyond
actualization, what's your point? Do you believe that people's long-term
goals should be within their reach? Why bother with dreams and visions
then? I mean, after all, we're all going to die anyway--so why spend so
much effort in living?



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> I am so surprised that even knowing that the 'learning organisation' is a
> nigh impossible organisational utopia...the majority of the
> posts to this site view LO's through 'rose-coloured' spectacles.

> Come on folks, the concept of the LO IS good.....but is it an achievable
> reality? NO MORE simplistic, mechanistic and popularist bullet pointed
> headings!!


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