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From: Jack Russell (
Date: 02/23/01

Hi LO Readers

I am so surprised that even knowing that the 'learning organisation' is a
nigh impossible organisational utopia...the majority of the
posts to this site view LO's through 'rose-coloured' spectacles.

Can we not remove those spectacles (just for a few minutes) and have some
more balanced perspectives ...or dare I say it....some adverse
observations and comments.

  a.. If the LO is so good......why is it impossible to achieve?
  b.. What if everybody in the organisation doesn't subscribe to the LO philosophy?
  c.. Does everybody have the 'desirable' psychological attributes?
  d.. What 'humanistic' barriers are there in establishing an LO?
  e.. What areas cause the biggest resistance to change/transformation?

Come on folks, the concept of the LO IS good.....but is it an achievable
reality? NO MORE simplistic, mechanistic and popularist bullet pointed

The LO would appear to be a literary panacea purporting to ensure the
future of 'the' organisation... but in practise, what in 'reality' make it
work?? I am sure it is not just a series of rhetorical disciplines.

kind regards


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[Host's Note: I think Jack is raising a good question, perhaps in a
provocative way. Peter Senge was very clear in his early use of the term
that he meant it as an ideal. He used to say, "There are no learning
organizations!" and I included this on the top page of until I found that it was too often
misunderstood. In our discussion here, if we talk about a visionary ideal
as through it were a present fact, that would certainly confuse.

By the way, my revised language on the opening web page is "Are there any
examples of Learning Organizations? Yes, but the Learning Organization is
an ideal, a vision. Various organizations or parts of organizations
achieve this in varying degree."



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