Restructuring and Employee Empowerment LO26246

From: John Zavacki (
Date: 02/28/01

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The answer to your question depends on what the restructuring looks like.
It is, occassionally, just another name for downsizing, layoffs, etc. In
some cases, it can simply be a way to write off operational losses. In
other cases, it may be aimed at empowerment, by eliminating layers of
managment which add no value. In such cases, if there is an enlightened
leader at the helm and a sense of trust within the organization, the
relationship is positive. In the others, command and control.

John Zavacki

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the mighty difficulties of our age, but it is dispersed and unorganised.
We need a sort of mental clearing house: a depot where knowledge and ideas
are received, sorted, summarized, digested, clarified and compared."

        - H.G. Wells in "The Brain: Organization of the Modern World", 1940.

> I'd like to know the connection between restructuring and
> employee empowerment.


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