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Date: 02/28/01

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Jack wrote:

> I am so surprised that even knowing that the 'learning organisation' is a
> nigh impossible organisational utopia...the majority of the
> posts to this site view LO's through 'rose-coloured' spectacles.
> Come on folks, the concept of the LO IS good.....but is it an achievable
> reality? NO MORE simplistic, mechanistic and popularist bullet pointed
> headings!!

> The LO would appear to be a literary panacea purporting to ensure the
> future of 'the' organisation... but in practise, what in 'reality' make it
> work?? I am sure it is not just a series of rhetorical disciplines.

Maybe this will help you (and all of us):

The article in HBR: Brown, John Seely; Duguid, Paul: Balancing Act: How to
Capture Knowledge Without Killing It, HBR, Maj-June 2000

The extract is on the page:

[Host's Note: That URL will also sell you a .pdf copy by download. Rick]

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