Frameworker LO26270

Date: 03/04/01

Dear Learners thinking about the future,

My apprehension FWIW is that 'systems theory' beloved of LO is one way to
help anticipate, comprehend and maybe even in a limited way correct some
of the future intended and also unintended so unforseen happenings of
'various intensity' that are currently locked semi-invisibly into various
extensive 'delay loops' of and within complexifying systemic natures and
in the midst of which and in the eventual 'happening of our praxis' we
require increased intuitive, unconscious backgrounded skills of complexity
thinking/acting (aka authentic creativity) aka 'wisdom' to make the
'present' better bearable or even more fitting. In short, we must
increasingly become the change experienced we have in the world.

Freddy Framework
Per pro Andrew Campbell


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