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Date: 03/12/01

Replying to LO26270 --

Andrew and Freddy Framework,

Beloveds, (one Andrew and all Andrew subtext characters), responding to
your post ...... without even so much as a single snip ..... your words
below, my comments follow....

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001 13:32:18 EST writes:
> Dear Learners thinking about the future,
> My apprehension FWIW is that 'systems theory' beloved of LO is one
> way to help anticipate, comprehend and maybe even in a limited way
>correct >some of the future intended and also unintended so unforseen
>happenings of >'various intensity' that are currently locked
>semi-invisibly into various extensive >'delay loops' of and within
>complexifying systemic natures and in the midst of >which and in the
>eventual 'happening of our praxis' we require increased >intuitive,
>unconscious backgrounded skills of complexity thinking/acting (aka
>authentic creativity) aka 'wisdom' to make the 'present' better bearable
>or even more fitting. In short, we must increasingly become the change
>experienced we have in the world.

> Freddy Framework
> Per pro Andrew Campbell

Sajeela's response:

Something I haven't shared with you Andrew --- my full spiritual name is
Ma Gyan Sajeela --- "Gyan" means wisdom --- so I always feel a personal
tug when I see that word --- if I have understood you correctly then I
would say your passage (above) approaches what I mean when I talk about
"Tertiary Wisdom" © (Ramsey 1996,1997). I theorize that TW© allows for
more accurately gauging the emergent nature of organizations. From a
graduate course I teach on Change Awareness Management: "Turner (1992) has
cited Aesthetic perception as being more truthful and exact then ordinary
awareness in understanding the nature of things and events. Aesthetic
perception precludes interpretation and is highly intuitive compared to
ordinary sequential thinking. Tertiary Wisdom occurs long before the
moment one is recognizing and absorbing meaning; is intuited. Learning in
this way may allow for dramatic changes in awareness beyond that of double
loop or second order knowledge.(©Ramsey, 1998)."

So Freddy Framework, why not visit more often? Andrew and I would like

Rock and roll music in the background as the night wearzon,
Ma Gyan Sajeela

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