dear, dear, dear Psychological aspects of LO's LO26333

Date: 03/12/01

Replying to LO26326 --

Dear Gavin R, dear Winfried D and dear John Z and all dear Learners,

> Organizational theories have no limits from
> where I stand, since they deal with cognitive, behavioural, abnormal, and
> organizational psychology; the deepest theories of spirituality,

Some listening here will, for a particular and concrete reason have a
different 'take' on what is written below, I refer to 'laughing grasses'
among other things;-) and stillworkstill to be done, vis a vis me and a
friend, and beyond that now 'closed loop' these words from a little girl I
never got to meet circa 1997

Nicola: Lovely colours - when you hold it up to the light the green changes
to gold. (8)
Michael: Yes, nice colours but a bit of a mess. Pretty when held up to the
light. (5)
(Images from an Unknown Artist;-)

Dear Gavin, dear Winfried and dear John, Can you see;-) We can agree then?
- Everything changes when you hold it up to the light!

cordially yours;-)



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