Truth and Reality in Systems Thinking LO26361

From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 03/15/01

Replying to LO26346 --

Hi Roy and Richard

I would like to add some very important questions too.

What is the structure behind the causal loop and reinforcing diagrams?

What are the intensive variables in systems thinking?

> >Each systems thinking diagram represents a theory of how the system works.

Does it, I am not so sure, this too for me is a big dilema because System
Thinking only seems to represent how the system flows and not its

> >We should test it based on validity, explanatory power, relevance, and
> >utility:
> and went on to list a series of questions. I would like to add two
> questions to Richard's list:
> 1. What assumptions have been made about the behaviour and motivation of
> all the human players within the model, including the modeller?

Is not motivation an intensive variable? (I think it is, if so how does
Systems Thinking take it into account).

> 2. And, most importantly, would we like to be treated like every one of
> the human players within the model?

I would like to propose a new name for Systems Thinking " Processing
Thinking" or how about "Flow thinking".

Systems pertains to the whole system including the structure and
processing parts is this not so?



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