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From: Magic Circ Op Rep Ens (mcore@nyc.rr.com)
Date: 03/18/01

Replying to LO26351 --

Hello Sajeela, you said:
> For me, the exciting piece at the moment is the PHYSICAL one---the soloist
> physical ensemble, as you cite, Ray!!! As disticnct from the musical
> ensemble. This is a significant difference you have expressed here that
> speaks to how we as a cyber-community are, among other things. Because we
> cannot be physical with one another, thus we are forced to SENSELESS
> ensemblery. That is to say we cannot benefit from eachother sense-ually,
> in the flesh and blood, as it were.

What I was referring to was the ensemble of the body that the mind so
often is unconscious of. In the performing arts we begin with the
development of this kind of knowing and taking responsibility for our
whole actions. It is then extended out to a group through sound, movement
and thought until the group operates like an extended body. The group can
learn in the same way the individual does if it is filled with
holistically aware individuals. This is sometimes referred to as being
"egoless" but that doesn't make much sense to me. Like a fine Chamber
musician it seems more an issue of focus and permission to "be with"
than loss of identity.

> So one question for you Ray is, do you think people are apt to be
> changed more radically through the listening listening or are they more
> apt to change radically through the process of creating music? Could
> Andrew's folks have shifted harminically through seeing a painting he
> created (physical soloist) or are they more able to transform their issues
> by co-painting (musical ensemble)?

Your original statement seems more connected to reading vs. listening
which is an issue of literate vs. non-literate thinking and remembering.
There is an excellent book on this called "The Alphabet Versus the
Goddess" by Leonard Shlain, where he explores the issues more completely
than I can here. As for listening or the written word creating change, I
don't believe it does. I believe that both has to do with remembering
experience and bringing it into the consciousness. True change can happen
as a synthesis of various memories through contemplation or as a synthesis
of memory plus an external experience that shifts the person's
consciousness. The only thing about the latter is that it requires
practice to become permanent. Creation is both exploration and practice.


Ray Evans Harrell, artistic director
The Magic Circle Opera Repertory Ensemble. Inc.


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