Psychological aspects of LO's LO26406

From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 03/20/01

Replying to LO26299 --

Dear Winfried and John

Alfred Rheeder wrote:

> Soon after my hunting started I inevitably came face to face with a
> profoundly important question regarding complexity. Should I learn more
> and more about less and less until one day I now everything about nothing
> or should I learn less and less about more and more until one day I know
> nothing about everything? Well I chose the latter. This question is in
> fact I believe nothing else but a question of complexity regarding
> complexity.

Alfred has captured with great essence what I was trying to say about my
experience with models that was taken taken of context by both of you guys.
What a well constructed by Alfred. How I should have put it but could not
find the right terminology.

Now, I have chosen the former. What I call into the gap and into the

Will it pay off "there is some interesting accounting there". What happens
to the "being"?



Gavin Ritz <>

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