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Date: 03/24/01

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Dear Alfred and friends,

I. Berlin's retold us Greek's 'Fox-Hog' fragment for Russian Thinkers is
one-dimentional or two-dimensional. If you like to extend it to
multi-dimensional, say,' vital-trivial' or 'timing' spectrum among other
ones, then it is more like facts of life. It was said Berlin was out of
his wit for a while when someone brought this issue up.

Hanching Chung
'The fact that these two set of questions were answered in semi-independence of
each other was just one more example of human bounded rationality--in this case
produced by limitations on available knowledge.' H. A. Simon's Models of
Bounded Rationality Vol. I, MIT Press, p. 6.

Gavin Ritz wrote

> Alfred has captured with great essence what I was trying to say about my
> experience with models that was taken taken of context by both of you guys.
> What a well constructed by Alfred. How I should have put it but could not
> find the right terminology.
> Now, I have chosen the former. What I call into the gap and into the
> depth.
> Will it pay off "there is some interesting accounting there". What happens
> to the "being"?


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