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From: Lisa Kimball (
Date: 03/21/01

I thought you might want to check out Online Social Networks 2001, a
two-week online conference featuring experts in the field of online social
networks and their application in organizations. Featured guests include Howard Rheingold,
Lisa Kimball, Amy Jo Kim, Cliff Figallo, Nancy Rhine, Jessica Lipnack,
Jeffrey Stamps, Doc Searls, Liz Rykert, and Mary Boone. Organizations are
social networks. As such, the business of organizations is largely
accomplished through conversations. Today, organizations rely upon those
conversations taking place despite the challenges of a distributed
workforce. To successfully compete, organizations must learn to
effectively manage their online social networks both internally and

>From March 28 to April 11, 2001, participants will interact with the
experts to learn how to design networks for communities of practice,
project teams, and learning cohorts; how to launch networks that attract
and engage; and how to sustain networks that go beyond the early adopters
and become mainstream. The unique online conference environment may be
accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* lisa

[Host's Note: Lisa is a good friend. I'm sure everyone participating in
this event will have a good experience. ..Rick]


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