Truth and Reality in Systems Thinking LO26409

From: John Zavacki (
Date: 03/21/01

Replying to LO26378 --

First, I want to thank Barry for point out Gavin's observation. I missed

> When you observed below that Systems Thinking seems to
> represent flow and
> not structure, I came away unable to understand for myself
> what you mean by
> "structure."

The system is, indeed, the flow, the relationships amongst the elements of
the system. Without flow and the understanding of it, what is a system
becomes a "heap" of things. System cares little about structure as an
artifact. Efficiency cares about structure. System cares about the
relationships within the structure. I can see it no other way. If the
aim of a system is to keep alive a poorly designed structure system finds
the relationships that matter and maintains them. The stucture can still
be clumsy, but the system remains flexible, finding efficiencies which
matter, the ones which add value (whether esthetic, economic, or
otherwise) to the system's aim. This is one mean of one suchness.



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