dear, dear, dear Psychological aspects of LO's LO26414

Date: 03/22/01

Replying to LO26384 --

>Andrew, Hanching, I remember what I think is a quote from Confucius: "Man
>can make system great, but system cannot make man great." Is mymemory
>correct in this? In any case, I find it an interesting complement to
>John's passionate discourse on organizational theories. Yours for ever
>better myths,

As usual, I have only the one book to consut on the subject '-) Dwig. But
I think it a good and sufficient one. No. This isn't Confucius, nor
Confucianism. Dauism seems to be more akin to such a saying. Confucianism
would not take that form. Not in my 'book';-) It isn't subtle enough.
Confucius' recorded sayings are very rare, it would amount to one or two
typed A4 pages. The rest is the work of disciples/followers over the next
two hundred and thirty years. I have caste a glance over those two hundred
and thirty years for you and found nothing close to your remembrance. This
is the closest in terms of persoanl>social dynamics I can find by the
Master. 4:14 (Preparation for Office) "The Master said, he does not worry
that he has no position, he worries about whether he is qualified to hold
one. he does not worry that no-one recognizes his worth; he seeks to
become worthy to be recognized."


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