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From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 03/19/01

Replying to LO26350 --

Hanching writes:
> I could not remember some words of H. Thoreau well, it runs like ' With
> all your science/Can you tell how and whence/The light into your soul?'

> Yesterday my friend told us a moving 'QC Story' of operators of Japanese
> Komatsu Co. back early '80s in DEN. It reminded me my discussion with some
> part-time MBA students for 'managing' a hundred operators service
> department credit card/Federal Express/ Celluar Phone Co.) We realized
> that most management systems and sophisticated software are not sufficient
> conditions for a good team.

Andrew, Hanching, I remember what I think is a quote from Confucius: "Man
can make system great, but system cannot make man great." Is my memory
correct in this? In any case, I find it an interesting complement to
John's passionate discourse on organizational theories.

Yours for ever better myths,


Don Dwiggins "All models are false, but some are useful" -- George Box, "Statistics for Experiments"

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