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From: Rirhandzu Lowane (201300280@stu.und.ac.za)
Date: 03/26/01


I'm a Masters Industrial Psychology student at the university of Natal,
Dutrban in South Africa. I'm currently preparing to do research on what a
learning organizatrion is really like in a practical sense. This will then
enable me to conduct a survey of companies in South Africa to see if we
have any learning organizations at all.

I would therefore appreciate any contributions from all over the world in
the form of any research papers that have worked on practical indicators
of a learning organization. All the literature that i've come across so
far is failry theoratical and can not be understood and used by managers
in industry for determining for themselves whether they are learning
organizations or not.

Your assistence would be highly appreciated.
Sybil Lowane
Postal Address: Florance powell Residence
                          Room i8
                          University of Natal
Tel #:27828461640
OR just reply to the above e-mail address.


"Rirhandzu Lowane" <201300280@stu.und.ac.za>

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