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Date: 04/01/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Chris Klopper <> writes:

>Things are complex when we can't learn the
>rules for winning/dominating/controlling
>or surviving in the required timeframe. But
>we (more often than not) impose the timeframes.

Greetings dear Chris,

This is indeed something to contemplate. Did you mean to write "complex"
or would you rather articulate it with "confusing".

In my opnion timeframes result when we try to fit "becoming" (ontogenesis)
into "being" (ontology).

>Solutions to trivial problems are about
>as compelling as cheap perfume.

I always caution myself that when a problem appears to be trivial, I am
overlooking many things or shutting out my tacit knowledge.

>I think it was Ezra Pound who said
>Thou shall not sit with statisticians
>nor commit a social science
>I do and I am guilty as charged.

Staticians are merely trying to uncover unknown patterns just as any
social scientist also does. The fact that they seem to go against some
mysterious command has to do with how they understand facts. They consider
all facts to be simple and the patterns which they want to discover as
complex conclusions. I myself have learned to work with certain patterns
not as complex conclusions, but as "complex facts" too. In other words, I
am aware of the "complexity of facts" so that I am able to distinguish
between "simple facts" and "complex facts".

>I do not wish to deny complexity

Likewise, even with respect to facts!

>I do know that a warehouse full of stock
>combined with the absence of
>buyers/customers is a real problem when
>you owe a lot of money.

Yes, I have experienced it far too many times self. I run a small nursery
for exporting a few kinds of succulent plants. Had I to rely on local
sales I would have gone bankcrupt long ago. These plants grow very slowly,
taking anything from 5 to 10 years to produce a marketable plant. Just
like stocks in a warehouse, they take up space and do not earn money.
Meanwhile anything can go wrong with these stocks according to any of
Murphy's laws.

I have learned one thing from Joseph of Israel through may own
experiences. Without a stocked warehouse it is impossible to undo the
wrong of the past.

>The most frightening thing I have found
>in recent times is that organisations big
>and small operate with internalised (almost
>reified) unconfirmed mental models which are:
>and which have become organisational habits
>based on comfort. (smell the impairments?)

Yes, now you are speaking. Whenever one of the seven essentialities
becomes a constraint, the Law of Requisite Complexity shows its dark side
and so does the organisation too.

>I know you can see (as I do) to what
>extent the 7E's can enrich the whole
>research enterprise...........and it will.
>thank you At...............................

Chris, thank you for your kind words. But remember how I have discovered
them by looking for corresonding patterns between the material chemical
system and the abstract mathematical system. I have selected these two
systems for the very reason because millions of creative chemists and
mathematicians were willing to learn more chemistry or mathematics. Were
it not for them, I would not have discovered the 7Es together. Each of
these 7Es has been discovered by many others before me so that I did not
even discovered one of them as novel and essential to creativity. What I
discovered is rather how the 7E's depend on each other and how all
creativity depends on them.

Thou shall not sit with chemists and mathematicians? I do and I am guilty
as charged?

I will rather sit with all kinds of disciplinists so that their
disciplines can guide me in my transdiciplinary thinking. Since life has
many colours (dimensions), how will we understand life when focusing on
only one colour dimesnion. Put on glasses through which only yellow light,
for example, can pass. What will we see? Shades of yellow and black
whereas without the glasses there might even not have been any black. Why?
All colours other than yellow are rendered to black. How dreary is
disciplinary thinking not?

With care and best wishes


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