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Date: 04/01/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

>I think the 'seven essentialities' are similarly
> 'potentialities' becoming<>beings in endlessly
>rich chains like the DNA helixes? I think that
>maybe once a more primitive and connected
>people (society) perhaps saw, felt and apprehended
>the 'seven essentialities' in a way impossible
>for us right now, though I know some of us are
>working on it.

Greetings dear Andrew,

Two short comments.

The first comment.

I discovered the 7Es so as to create a second bridge between the physical
and spiritual worlds. They gave me the form to accept as content the first
bridge which I discovered as a result of trying to create something else.
The first bridge was that LEP (Law of Entropy Production) apllies to both
the physical and spiritual words and thus bridges them. I was trying to
create a taxonomy of learning objectives which would work for students in
chemistry. It is during the testing stage that I made this discovery.

When I tried to report the discovery, nobody would believe me. I was
treated in all imaginable ways. I began to think that I was insane. I also
began to think the scientific method which I used as carefully as possible
was the world's greatest evil. Thus I set myself the task to discover a
second bridge to restore my sanity and to regain my confidence in the
scientific method. Theis second brifge was the 7Es.

The second comment:

After having discovered the 7E's, I began to explore among many other
things their evolution in the consciousness of humankind through the ages.
It was a most rewarding study for me because I began to appreciate why
humankind has the biological name "Homo sapiense". No matter how far back
into the distant past from whatever culture a piece of writing went, I
often discovered usually between the lines) a sensitivity to one of the
7E's. Sometimes many of them could be detected.

> a mere arm's length i reached out, the pages
>fall and at Matthew 7 : 7 "Ask, and it will be given
>to you; seek; and you will find; knock, and it will
>be opened to you." As if if were ever closed.
>Who told us it was closed? And why?

Have you tried to detect how many 7E's might be in this verse (between the
line ;-)

The 7e's, even openness, can wither away just as anything else which has
emerged through their guidance. When openness withers away, paths become
closed with doors. When we want to improve again one essentiality like
opennness, we have to use the others as they are with all their potential.
Knock refers to using fruitfulness.

Andrew, to sleep in an icy cold desert without a door to close is an experience
without "peers".

>'Love' is the only archetype?

I cannot answer that question because "archetype" has so many different
meanings. I also will not answer it because every word created to convey
one meaning will eventually have many meanings. Even the word love has
many meanings.

But I will dare to say this. Without Love-agape the concept
"one-to-many-mapping" becomes a dangerous mental tool, making everything
related to it potentially dangerous. The concept "one-to-many-mapping" has
helped me to understand the many forms which Love-gape can manifest itself
like to nurture, to offer, to protect and to entice.

With care and best wishes,


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