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From: Vana Prewitt (
Date: 04/02/01

Hello again,

Just wanted to reintroduce myself to those who have not "met" me
previously. I see there are a number of people I do not recognize on the
list. I've been in and out of the list for the last few years and mostly
off lately while working for a dot-com startup and pursuing a PhD. Not
much time to read emails.

My hope is to conduct research in a client organization that wants to
design and implement a LO system. The company I went to work for was
engaging me for this purpose and my work would have been my research if
the company had not failed. I intend to use a grounded theory approach
(Glaser & Strauss, 1967; Strauss & Corbin, 1998) to studying the impact of
an LO system on an organization. I am assuming the client organization
will be in high tech, but this is still a question. After my initial
phase of macro data collection, I would expect to use a combination of
ethnography and standard organizational measures of business impact to
collect focused data.


Vana Prewitt


Vana Prewitt <>

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