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Date: 04/02/01

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Dressler, Winfried wrote with an interesting insightĄG

> ...Hopefully there are many more pattern
> languages to come. What about: A Pattern Language: Industries, Companies,
> Work. Leaving the elements behind and dive into the wholes...

I like to take advantage to thank one contributor of this list who gave me
some updating of the works of C. A. and his associates.About 15 years ago,
I went over most C. A. and his friend's books with some graduate students
in architecture dept. of Tunghai University, Taiwan.

In fact, most of his papers and books are system thinking related since
'60. He is the 'boss' of Center for Environment Structure in Berkeley
since '60s. Last year I decided to complete his Notes on the Synthesis of
Form. (Harvard U. Press) I re-picked this subject and wondered during last
15 years, his Oneness must be available. But someone in this list
confirmed me that the whole 4 volumes are still in OUP, pending for
finalized during last 18 years, at least.

I guess the original proposes of 'archetypes of system thinking' might be
with the same ambitions as A Pattern Language, with various results. If we
go through the approach of A Pattern Language, Winfried's intuition is
right, the practitioners of organizations are 'building' their
organizations and work with their invisible theories or languages. If you
read some of CA teams project books ( all published by OUP), you can get
some nice 'stories' of their team learning among others. (Note: some
people might like the idea of James March to invite the accountants to
write verses for their reporting in this century as some physicians in 19
century and before.)

For the rest of us, if we are interesting in this approach (in addition to
some software engineers), we might start to think ' a pattern language for
a LO list' or something like this. ( Note: most related books (including
some 'applications') are with Chinese and Japanese translations.)

Hanching Chung
' And enjoy of yourself. Walk around the world examine the details of
designs...Give mental prizes to those who practice good design...' The Design
of Everyday Things by D. Norman, p. 217.


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