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From: John Dicus (
Date: 04/13/01

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>Teresa Budler asked:
>>I am a first year M Comm student at the RAU in South Africa. We are
>>currently discussion the movement of an organisation from a second wave
>>organisation (hierarchical) through the third wave (network organisation) to
>>a fourth wave organisation (matrix organisation), and then on to a Learning

I'm interested in hearing what Teresa means by the titles she's given to
these waves. How can they be described? What are the perceived strengths
and shortcomings? Why is one better than another? Are they mutually
exclusive? What was the first wave?

It's hard for me to say A or B is better when I don't know A or B.

For example, I can imagine a matrix-like organization that learns and
lives, has network-like characteristics, includes appropriate hierarchy on
multiple levels of structure....

Dialogue. I think "good" companies may have bits and pieces of all these
in some healthy, fluid, ever-changing balance.



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