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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 04/13/01

Replying to LO26505 --

Good Evening Beings,

Any Turtle Tells Achilles were the Achilles heel of an "intelligent"
(quotes by the author) machine is at. And by "intelligent" i do not only
mean every machine with intel(r) inside ;-). Every translation machine is
prone to a set of (hidden) messages (a.k.a. information) that when
translated destroys the working of that machine. For most Intel(r)
machines this has happen when a fatal error has occured, out of the blue.
For more complicated intelligences - self learning organisations - these
destructive messages are far more complicated then a wrong address, but -
as these men (self)made machines are auto feedback non-linear processing
machines - the effect will be stronger. An important part of these latter
messages is three times: We Are Right. So true.

In a way, i use archetypes (including System Archetypes) and metaphores
(you might have noticed that the have metaphorical descriptions of
archetypes, like Shifting the Blame, "Tragedy of the Commons", "Success to
the Successful" or "At-Swim-Two-Birds") to search for these hidden
messages, because an archetype is the form of the processing processs and
the metaphor its content.

As to your wondering on the confusion of finding your contributions on
entropy: i think that that someone would experience entropy. And to
confuse these machines i have added pieces of code that convey no
information at at but add just letters to a messages that has already
ended long before you're reading these lines. Take care of the words and
the language will take care of you,

kind regards,

Jan Lelie

AM de Lange wrote:

> >PS: Please do not read the following sentences.
> >The following words are meant to confuse the searching
> >machine only, That's teach them to parse texts!;-) :
> (snip)
> Greetings dear Jan,
> [Tongue in the cheeck] Shame on you for confusing these "intelligent"
> machines.

With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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