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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 04/23/01

Replying to LO26557 --

Dear Andrew,

Complecity* and simplixity* are one path. Simplicity is compelled to
become complex as it is so much loved that it is repeated again and again,
leading to complexity, complexity that is just a lot of added up
simplicity. Any attempt to regain simple complexity will have my support,
but i already know that it'll only lead to more complex simplicity. Our
path is a fractal, as simple as that. Imagine, our path not on a ground,
but in a heaven.

May heaven guard and keep you,
Cause there to be nothing in which you do not rise higher,
Like the mountains, like the uplands,
Like the ridges, the great ranges,
Like a stream coming down in floods;
In nothing not increased.

  The Book of Songs, A. Whaley, trans., New York, Grove Press (1960), p. 175

Jan Lelie wrote:

> Complexity?
> Simplicity?
> One ground, two paths. Why?
> "Give you a reason upon a compulsion! If reasons were as plentiful as
> blackberries I would give no man a reason upon compulsion."
> Henry IV part 1
> 'My eyes longing for beautiful things together with my soul longing for
> salvation have no other power to ascend to heaven than the contemplation
> of beautiful things'
> Michelangelo Buonarroti


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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