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From: Pixie Delite (
Date: 04/24/01

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.. reminds me of something from my last published poetry book...

"My spirit runs burdened by its own desire to be free...
... and yet be free of all desire!!"....
(c)Joy, 1998

complexity... in the simplicity of a seed within the soul.

how is it nourished... how does it crave.. through all life.. learning..
and organization.. of all that we take in as a human i wonder.

it is interesting to take this parallel into a company or organization as
we better chose to call it...

the culture of the organization yearns to break out and be free so that
growth can occur to its fullest potential... but is limited by the very
struture that supports and makes room for this culture.

am i making sense? (please say no... the thought that i may be turning
sane is.. well.... un-desirable by both soul and body!)

*stirring the pot some more*

(Joy Vatsyayann)

>One ground, two paths. Why?


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