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From: Pixie Delite (
Date: 04/24/01

Replying to LO26554 --

read ur post on the chain.. hi.. just asking personally .. dogra.. that is
from himachal no? :)

just wondering...

as for learning organization... it is something that interests me .. esp
the learning part.. and the organization part.. and then the combination
(what else is there left in life in wonderz ;) )

just a bit of background... i am of indian origin too but in new zealand.

i must say... u cannot put it in words... and those who can.. still dont
realise learning org structure set up is more than just words. u just have
to be there to do it.... u cant advice like this.

but then that is just my opinion. i am sure u will get plenty of models,
theories and good wisdom thrown at ya from years of grounded experience
from the experts.

as for me... all i can offer is... pay for my trip over and i will show ya
how! for free even! (as long as i get a roof and food over me head)

the usual nut and aloof waggabone of the group

(Joy Vatsyayann)

>I am a Chartered Accountant working as an Assistant Manager - Finance in
>ITC Limited, in India.
>I am currently part of a team engaged in assessing the structuring of
>"Learning" in our organisation.
>As such I would be very grateful to you if you could kindly give me some
>direction on the current techniques, processes and systems which could
>help operating managers in fostering a Learning culture in the


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