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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 04/30/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Jan Lelie <> writes
> Perhaps the bigger problem is in the first two words
> there is no such thing as Freedom -

Greetings dear Jan,

I think that there is not such a thing as absolute freedom. Freedom is
relative. This means that whenever we speak of freedom, we also have to
speak realtively to what.

For me the freedom of any system, physical or spiritual, is relativised by
both its internal "becoming--being" (processing structure) and the
external "becoming-being" of its surroundings. Change any one or both
(internal and extrenal) of the two "becoming-beings" (processing
structures, namely the system Sy and its environment or surroundings SU)
and the freedom of the system MAY change.

I capitalise the MAY because the change WILL ONLY happen if the system SY
has free energy ("fuel in the tank") to drive the change in freedom. The
poor people of Africa, Latin America and South Eastern Asia cannot improve
on their freedom with physical food and spiritual food giving them the
free energy to do so. They cannot buy the physical food so that they will
have to produce itself trhough authentic farming. Likewise they have to
produce their own spiritual food by authentic learning.

Freedom without "free energy" /_\F to lower is like having a beautiful
landscape without the sun to lighten it up. It is like having no eyes.

With care and best wishes


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