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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 04/30/01

Replying to LO26582 --

It is challenging, not very difficult, but - seeing the task - it will
require somewhat more than 2 1.5 hr sessions though:

use storytelling or Metaphore to extract the core values
use story-telling to express ideas, emotions and empathy
use future perfect to "arrive": at a comon future
then symbolize (picture, logo, metaphore, drawing)

Can speed up things by using mind@teamwork software

Kind regards,

Jan Lelie

Inquirer wrote:

> Chairs of national young leadership development effort of $2 billion
> (raised annually) philanthropy are seeking a facilitator to lead one or 2,
> 1.5 hr sessions. The audience consists of 60 or so lay leaders from around
> the country who are being convened for the first time ever to developing a
> collective vision of the enterprise. Session topics will involve one of
> the following: how to listen (generatively, with trust); how to talk (how
> a leader should ask questions, framing, etc.); how to build a shared
> vision.
> The session(s) will take place on Sunday, June 3 in Houston, TX.


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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