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AM de Lange wrote

> (1) Is language beneficial to creativity or can it also constrain
> creativity?
> (2) Do we need the LO as the "sponsored environment" for people to create
> both language and thoughts in a non-standard manner?

Greeting At , Andrew, and LOers,

I read Andrew some quotations from Koester and At's 'roaming'. I like to
introduce Ernst Cassire's works to At for his reference and Harvard
Project Zero for Andrew's reference( these are different approaches to
study 'creativity') .

On the other hand, I hope 'we' will have some kind of 'cyberspace Project
Zero' kicking off soon. (see attached, this is main part I wrote to other
list and I think most of you are not members.)

Readers of Dr. Deming's books know one of C. I. Lewis's books is very
influential in shaping his theory of knowledge. I remember Bill
Schekenbach mentions about P. Koestenbaum as a student of C. I. Lewis and
I quoted one sentence of C. Geertz's criticism of operationalism to Mary
Morgan, she told me that was very similar with C. I.'s retirement talk.

I read someone's report that Dr. Deming read Kant. And I like to quote one
sentence of Ways of Worldmaking by Nelson Goodman, (p. x, from Howard
Gardner, ART, MIND & BRAIN--a cognitive approach to creativity, Harper
Collin, 1982, p.46)

' I think of this book as belonging to that mainstream of philosophy that
began when Kant exchanged the structure of the world for the structure of
the mind, continued when C. I. Lewis exchanged the structure of the mind
for the structure of concepts, and now proceeds to exchanged the structure
of concepts for the structure of several symbols systems of the science,
philosophy, the arts, perception, and every day discourse. The movement is
from unique truth and word fixed and found towards a diversity of right
and even conflicting versions or worlds in the making.'

Dr. Goodman found Harvard Project Zero in mid '60s. I am keen on some of
the members of this project team published their accounts on 'creativity'.
I list some titles for your reference.

Howard Gardner Creating Mind, Harper Collins, 1993
Mihaly Csikssentmihalyi , Creativity, 1996
D. N. Perkins The Mind's Best Work, Harvard University Press, 1981
Vera John-Steiner Notebooks of the Mind, 1985/1997 Oxford University Press

Hanching Chung


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Creating Minds : An Anatomy of Creativity Seen Through the Lives of Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, Eliot, Graham, and Gandhi by Howard Gardner

Creativity : Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The Mind's Best Work by D. N. Perkins (out of print)

Notebooks of the Mind : Explorations of Thinking by Vera John-Steiner

Thank you for the reading suggestions! ..Rick]

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