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Date: 05/09/01

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Dear At and other Loers,

I don't know why I hesitated to tell you another side of the story last
week about 'expressing creativity with language'.

It is very obvious that we need to look into Poetics in sciences and arts.

Dr. Deming is a 'user' of C. I. Lewis's books. He and his friend W. A.
Shewhart are all self-taught statisticians ( both physics by training).
Both read the book Mind and the World-Order more than a dozen times to
understand it.

Last week I told one of my friends that someone might like to write a Live
called ' Newton: Franklin= Shewhart: Deming ' in certain senses ( please
see I. Bernard Cohen's works on Newton and B. Franklin). To help my friend
writing about Franklin, I surveyed his 10 volume work and realized that
they used 'philosophy' in stead of 'science' . It is not bad to use the
'philosophy' in Euthyphro sense and know that 'ball lighting' is a
high-end science now.

Last week when I listed psychologists for your reference, I also thinking
about the Poetics of I. A. Richards (1893-1979). In a very nice lecture(
Darwin Lecture, 1979, Cambridge University) by E. H. Gombrich on 'The
Necessary of Tradition: An interpretation of the Poetics of I. A.
Richards' ( collected in Tributes, published by Phaidon), with a picture
of I. A. Richards giving a lecture in China during his last trip to China.
( He visited Peking 1929-30 and gave us a paper on ' The Meaning of The
Meaning Of Meaning' and urged Chinese to study 'science'. His view on
'Science and Poetry' (1926) are well accepted here).
His later years devoted to ' Ars Poetica'.

So you might find his journey and work inspiring.

AM de Lange wrote

> I am a scientists, but what I do not like about science is that so much papers
> are published
> on leaves and so little books on forests.

I. A. Richards wrote ' One does not expect novel cards when playing so
traditional a game: it is the hand that matters.' (1924)

Hanching Chung


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