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From: John Zavacki (
Date: 05/05/01

Replying to LO26614 --

This has become a fascinating thread. With Gavin's experience and
expertise in marketing, I was tempted to hold back, but I did some
internal inquiry and decided it was time for some advocacy.

First, I seek marketing not as a discipline, but as a whole. Most of what
manufacturing organizations do can be subsumed under marketing. The
academic description of a marketing (sub)system may not entail product
development, prototypes, trial runs etc., but the indutrial model must.

There are complex psychological reasons for choosing brands, styles, and
the like, and this too, is marketing, but if the product cannot be
produced on time, with first time quality expectations met, at a cost that
allows a price which is consistent with the markets expectations all of
the time and energy spent in conceiving it and bringing it to the market
must be charged to the "lessons learned" account. In this view, there is
a whole.

John Zavacki


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