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From: Dressler, Winfried (
Date: 05/08/01

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John Zavacki writes:
>First, I seek marketing not as a discipline, but as a whole.

I agree fully to Johns advocacy.

And I want to repeat my point that it is markets, not marketing which are
no systems and no wholes. Markets form the context, environment,
surrounding of an organization. As such, markets are always more complex
than organizations. Organizations encounter markets as open horizons in
their self-organizing sense making. Markets on the other hand "measure"
organizations by means of "expectations". One goal of an organization is
to sustain its identity in the field which the market forms.

Marketing takes place on a tacit level, as long as no formal marketing
arises. As John pointed out, marketing goes through the whole value chain
of a product from its specification to its delivery. The tacit level
suffices as long as the market is friendly to the organization and the
choices which an organization can make are not too complex. But as the
complexity grows, some day formal marketing will emerge - a consciousness
for the dependence from an outer context and what to do about it.

How such marketing will look like seems to me as diverse as the
organizations carrying, incorporating, defending, embracing... it.

Liebe Gruesse,



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