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Date: 05/07/01

This mail is to thank LO as a vehicle for mutual learning.

This mail is also dedicated to Sajeela M ramsey, she responded and
communicated with my 'call for help' for Joanna Macy's book in this list.
I knew Joanna's book through Profit Beyond Measure. The 'co-rising'
concept is not strange for people in this region. But books are also for
for actions, so we decided to exchange our used books for 'co-dancing'.

Sajeela sent to Joanna's World As lover, World As Self as a gift. I didn't
have time to read it. But one thing I learned from the marks she used is
that she picked up T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets as her mission,

'At the still point of the turning world
...there the dance is.

We must be still and still moving
Into a further intensity
For a further union...
In the end is my beginning.'

One of the Buddhism believers I like is H. Matisse. He designed the system
of the Vence Chapel as one of his masterpieces. I hope some day I can
write the dance in their eyes (throwing flowers) while he was in the
hospital. I am keen on the creativity of aged people.

S. Freud created 'cryptomnesia' to account one aspect of his creativity,
so do B. F. Skinner wrote in The Harvard Guide to Influential Books
(edited by C. M. Maury, et al. Haper and Row, 1986, p.234) . He concludes
that ' This is all perfectly reasonable, since, after all, if anything I
have done is 'creative', should we expect to find it in anything I have

Through this chain of 'team learning', the world might as lovers and
memories sing and dance in the May morning.

Thanks Sajeela again.

Hanching Chung


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Profit Beyond Measure : Extraordinary Results Through Attention to Work and People by H. Thomas Johnson, Anders Broms

The Harvard Guide to Influential Books : 113 Distinguished Harvard Professors Discuss the Books That Have Helped to Shape Their Thinking by C. Maury Devine, Claudia M. Dissel, Kim D. Parrish (Editor) (out of print)

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