Self-organising complex marketing systems LO26642

From: Chris Klopper (
Date: 05/06/01

Replying to LO26551 --

Gavin wrote:

Marketing is in
> my opinion only a discipline and not a whole. Wholes exhibit certain
> complexity characteristics like.
> Process (flows) no and yes only part (demand side flow)
> Structure, no and yes only demand side
> Boundaries and limits, yes
> Transforming, no
> Digestion, no
> Reproduce, no
> Pulsate, yes

Gavin, the instances of Yes and No in your list prompts me to ask:
are you rating Marketing? In other words:

Does Marketing exhibit properties that would conform to the term
to which your answer is NO.

If not how should I read this part and relate it to Marketing?

kind regards



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