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Date: 05/07/01

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Pegasus publish a number of "systems thinking" stories. Two I have are
"Shadows of the Neanderthal" and "Outlearning the Wolves".

We used the latter during a one-day class ahead of the Systems Thinking
conference last year. A group of over 60 adults (!) reading this story in
part-reading, the rest of us forming the chorus -- was a fascinating
experience. It was also immense fun!.

I think the stories contain many of the qualities you look for. They are
also superb allegories of systems thinking, with a section at the end
looking at "towards a learning culture", "making learning happen", theory,
methods and tools, etc.

Worth a look and a read I would suggest.

Roy Greenhalgh

Mark Spain wrote:

> Does anyone know of any effective, inspiring short stories to read out
> loud to a team of people learning to be open and to collaborate powerfully
> with each other? I am seeking to create a collection of stories to help
> facilitate organisational learning and change in a respectful way.

[Host's Note: I heartily endorse the two books mentioned. Order direct
from the publisher Pegasus Communications


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