Stories for the Inner Ear LO26616

From: Mark Spain (
Date: 05/03/01

Dear LOers

Does anyone know of any effective, inspiring short stories to read out
loud to a team of people learning to be open and to collaborate powerfully
with each other? I am seeking to create a collection of stories to help
facilitate organisational learning and change in a respectful way.

These stories would be like parables or metaphors to help people reflect
curiously on learning, humanity, success, failure, hopes, desires, fears,
losses, perseverance, ignorance, futility .... and yet celebrate a way
forward that is uplifting. These stories may involve people, different
cultures, animals and landscapes.

Can anyone help with their favourite story or source of stories?

I'll collect the feedback I get and share it, and the learning I go
through, with you all as suggested by Hanching Chung in Process -
Structure LO26602 on 1/5/01

>I like to suggest the initiator of the question to report back what he or she
>learned in this process or not.
>Most hunters cannot see the beauty of the forest

Kind regards
Mark Spain


Mark Spain <>

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