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From: Dressler, Winfried (
Date: 05/11/01

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Dear Elliot,

>My proposed topic is outlined in the subject heading above. My question
>is this - of all the research and documentation out there regarding LOs, I
>have found none that focuses on the people involved, but merely looks at
>learning in an organisational context.

I like to organize my thinking about learning organizations around the 5
Disziplines of Peter Senge. The goal of Senge's seminal book as I
understand it is to collect what is needed so that the insights which are
principally available from a systems perspective, become real and
beneficial for organizations. The four disciplines identified have all to
do with people (as the term "discipline" already implies): Personal
Mastery and Mental Models are about individuals and Shared Vision and Team
Learning repeat the same issues on a social, communication level.

So Elliot, if you manage to include some of the insights of the 5th
Discpline in your paper, you should find people included.

Liebe Gruesse,



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