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From: Roy Benford (
Date: 05/11/01

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>My proposed topic is outlined in the subject heading above. My question
>is this - of all the research and documentation out there regarding LOs, I
>have found none that focuses on the people involved, but merely looks at
>learning in an organisational context. For me at least, there wouldn't be
>learning without people. Are you able to shed light on why the "people"
>side of things is low or are you able to direct me towards resources which
>can perhaps answer that question.

That is an interesting question and I would not like to float ideas, on
list, for fear of upsetting people. However, you might like to look at:

. "Beyond Leadership - Balancing Economics, Ethics And Ecology"
. by Bennis, Parish & Lessem published by Blackwell in 1994.

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


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