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Date: 05/17/01

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Dear Rick,

I forgot to tell you one guess of mine which might be related with my last
mail to you on Simon vs. Csikssentmihalyi.

I read Lindsay Waters 1998 lecture in Beijing University Toward a Poetics
of Experience ( Chinese translation). He mentioned about both Wallace
Stevens and Paul de Man were very curious about Martin Heidegger on
Holderlins ( In Wallace Stevens: A Celebration, Princeton Univ. Press,
1980, pp.256-73. Dwelling Poeticaly in New Haven by Frank Kermode, there
is an accouts of this something like 'syncronicity' between them) and Paul
changed his view of 'creativity in literature' toward not people oriented.

I am a beginner in this field but I think the controversy of 'creativity'
we are talking about is not limited to psychology in my last mail.

I think this is also related with different opinions between 'thinking and
action', for example, one quote I got from this list is "Creativity is
thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." Theodore Levitt.

Hanching Chung


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