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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 05/18/01

Replying to LO26680 --

Dear Organlearners,

Roy Benford <> writes, upon a
question of Elliot Smith:

>>Are you able to shed light on why the "people"
>>side of things is low or are you able to direct me
>>towards resources which can perhaps answer that

>That is an interesting question and I would not like to
>float ideas, on list, for fear of upsetting people. However,
>you might like to look at:

Greetings Elliot and Roy,

First, let me answer Elliot in terms of the 7Es (seven essentialities of
creativity). You fellow learners will find that a lot on them in the
archives of the LO-list.

Elliot, I think that we shy away from or perhaps fail the complexity of
interacting with people as unique personalities. I am endlessly aware of
the LRC (Law of Requisite Complexity) between me an any other person. The
LRC unfolds its in terms of the 7Es: liveness, sureness, wholeness,
fruitfulness, spareness, otherness and openness. What may happen in each
of the 7Es is a mismatch or disharmony between that essentiality as it
manifest in two personalities -- that other person's and mine. This
disharmony is the result of not knowing that each person has to evolve
uniquely in the tacit understanding of the 7Es, despite me being able to
articulate it, for better or worse.

My own strategy is to avoid impairing the tacit understanding of the 7Es
in any other person as far as possible. The fact that another person's
tacit understanding of the 7Es is different or even incomparable to mine,
gives me no reason at all to avoid interacting with that person as someone
not sensitive self to the 7Es. Thus, for this intercation and

* liveness, I cannot neglect the becoming of that person,
* sureness, I cannot assume the identity of that person,
* wholeness, I cannot select only a part of that person,
* fruitfulness, I cannot make contact where I wish to,
* spareness, I cannot overstep the present limits of that person,
* otherness, I cannot deny other qualities than my own,
* opennes, I cannot ever put that person in my box.

Secondly, allow me to question Roy.

Roy, from time to time some of us had quarrels on our LO-dialogue, but in
the spirit of a LO we are learning how to resolve them or avoid them
without ducking the dialogue. But your comment made me feel as if I am
living in a different world. Is there some present current unknown to me
which upsets people? Am I part of this present current?

I know that I often upset many fellow learners because of my mental
explorations. I try to avoid upsetting them too much, but that is not always
possible. But three things I know for sure:--
* it is impossible for me self to learn without getting upset and
* my passion for learning keep on growing.
* "we all will have through learning" to prepare ourselves for vast coming
  changes which will upset us far more than what learning can do.

I realise that this "we all will have through learning" above is extremely
arrogant and prescriptive, but neither history nor my own creativity
affords me any alternative. I dare not look, from anywhere in the world,
at any news bulletin, in depth study or strategic report without knowing
that I will get upset self with intense anxiety about the course which
humankind at large is following.

For example, this morning I woke up at owl's hour, went to the TV,
switched it on an set the channel to CNN. At that moment they had a news
bulletin on pres Bush, his latest energy strategy and all the
controvercies surrounding it. I switched the TV off, went to bed, and
could not sleep again because of anguish. If I would have been pres Bush,
I would have made very sure that the following release would be as close
to the truth as possible:

"Dear people of our country. It is a traumatic day when the leader of any
nation has to call a state of emergency. But there is much hope for the
future of that nation when its leader has the guts to call for a state of
emergency. I have consulted with many teams of experts over the entire
spectrum of our nationhood. I have weighed their inputs carefully and
discussed it as deeply as possible with my own team of leaders. I have
also consulted with many leaders from the rest of the world and carefully
weighed their advice. I have decided to call this nation into a state of
emergency because of its excessive use of non-renewable sources of energy.
We are the world's biggest consumer of non-renewable sources of energy.

We are also the world's only super power. We will have to set example of
how to scale down our consumption of these sources without mortally
disrupting any walk of our nationhood, nor any part in the rest of the
world. The remaining days of my first term as president we as a nation
will focus on learning how to reduce our consumption of non-renewable
sources of energy by at least 30% in not more than 4 years. We will share
our learning with the rest of the world. Those who want to go from
learning into action, please do so with taking all other parties into

I will end this state of emergence at the end of my term as president. I
firmly believe that learning is never in vain and so will be ours. Should
you elect me again as president, we will put our learning into action. At
the end of that term we will have reduced our consumption to 70% of
present values. Thereafter we will try to maintain spontaneously a rate of
30% reduction for every 4 years. In other words, twelve years from now our
consumption will be 50% less than the present value and twenty years from
now it will be only 25%.

I have to warn you and the rest of the world that this state of emergency
and the actions following from it will not weaken us as a nation so that
foreign powers may take control of us. Firstly, we will not allow it.
Secondly, every foreign power is in the same dilemma as us. All
responsible nations wait for one nation to take the first step. We have
just now taken that step.

May God bless us."

Roy, such a state of emergency will indeed upset the world as seldom
before, if ever. But it will upset the world far less than using up the
non-renewable energy sources of the world and humankind by large not
knowing what will happen to them during this process.

What is actually worrying me far more is the ebbing away of the spiritual
free energy for the most part of humankind. However, in learning we have
to begin with what is most tangible rather than what calls for utmost

With care and best wishes


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