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From: Foss, Allan (afoss@ppg.com)
Date: 05/21/01

Please join me in congratulating the following individuals and
organizations for demonstrating that high-quality organization development
initiatives can lead to substantial and tangible results. Perhaps there
once was a time when O.D. practitioners new what "good" O.D. looked like,
and where it was being practiced. However, the explosion of the field
around the world in recent years, and the creation/inclusion of new
interventions within O.D. makes this much more difficult today. Plus,
people are looking to learn about the practice of Organization Development
all of the time. The primary purpose of the Outstanding O.D. Project of
the Year Award, in addition to recognizing exceptional interventions and
the individuals involved, is to facilitate learning, networking and
sharing within the Organization Development Community. For this reason,
please share this announcement with anyone who may be interested.

The Organization Development Institute is proud to announce the Grand
Winner of the 2001 Outstanding O.D. Project of the Year Worldwide.

                "How a Virtual Team Used Real-Time Strategic Change and
Music to Engage More than 1,300 People in Alignment with the New Mission,
Vision and Values of a 145-Year-Old Company," sponsored by NUI
Corporation. For more information, contact Maria A. Wojtczak at
aria@powerof1consulting.com or by calling (480) 502-2857.

The People of NUI Corporation will be presented with an engraved silver
bowl and base to commemorate winning this year's award at the Information
Exchange award luncheon this Friday, May 25, 2001 at the Palwaukee Inn
near Chicago.

The following three projects are recognized this year as honorable

Honorable Mention: "Learn from the Past to Compete for the Future:
Learning Histories as an Intervention," sponsored by Van den Bergh
Nederland / Unilever. For more information, contact Karen Ayas at
kayas@mediaone.net or by calling (617) 243 0303.

[Host's Note: Karen Ayas is a good friend and colleague. ..Rick]

Honorable Mention: "New Business Leader Program," sponsored by Ford Motor
Company. For more information, contact Tom Grant at tgrant@ford.com or by
calling (313) 337-3589.

Honorable Mention: "Developing an Information Technology Leadership
Group," sponsored by Civic Development Group. For more information,
contact Chris Truhe, Psy. D. at drtruhe@truhe.com or by calling

Representatives of each project will be presented with an engraved silver
bowl and base to commemorate winning Honorable Mention this year at the
Information Exchange award luncheon this Friday, May 25, 2001 at the
Palwaukee Inn near Chicago.

Finally, the following four projects progressed through the entire
nomination process and are deserving of recognition as high-quality

Nomination: "Community-Based Team-Building: A New Organization Development
Venue & Measure of Effectiveness," sponsored by University of San
Francisco, Habitat for Humanity, Intel Corporation & California State Fair
at Cal Expo. For more information, contact Dolores Corona-Tuttle at
Tuttle@hotmail.com or by calling (775)852-7918.

Nomination: "Changing a Work Culture to a Team-Based Organization
Utilizing the Effective Application of O. D. Theory and Techniques,"
sponsored by Lamson & Sessions and M.A.A. Consulting, Inc. For more
information, contact Glenn H. Varney Ph.D. RODP at maa@wcnet.org or by
calling (419) 352-7782.

Nomination: "Leveraging the Brilliance and Leadership of All," sponsored
by Kaleidscope Solutions, Inc. For more information, contact Melinda
Morrow at MindyMorrow@msn.com or by calling (513) 748-3400.

Nomination: "Managing Change during Restructuring," sponsored by the
Internal Revenue Service. For more information, contact Wendy Cardell,
Ph.D. at wencar@mindspring.com or by calling (404) 338-8770.

For more information about the Organization Development Institute or the
Information Exchange, please visit the web site at

For more information about the Outstanding O.D. Project of the Year Award,
please contact Allan Foss at afoss@ppg.com.

CONTACT ALLAN FOSS AT afoss@ppg.com.

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