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Date: 05/22/01

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Good morning processors, let us instruct.

why is process like a structure? (Because, see u c a b in both ;-) -
because there is a vice in versa? -).

As always i feel the urge to "activate" the nouns. To process structures,
to structure processes, processing structure, structuring processes,
processing structuring, structuring processing. See the cat? See the

I value the System Archetypes discipline just because:
1. one can describe the structure of the processes and
2. while processing the structure of the process the structuring becomes

Paradox (selfreferring or recursive inconsistent loops) rules! I agree,
and through dialectic dialogue we develop ourselves, the girl cann't help
it. The issue, in my view, "the core of the p ss", is in the sharing of
the benefits. Because benefits are material as well as immaterial and
matter is limited - no matter no glory - in availability, we made
immaterial cultures - "the true of the struc s" - to share the benefits
consistently among ourselves - that is, the ones that share the same
culture. Yet this seems to be inconsistent.

Words about words are about words,

Thank you,

Jan Lelie wrote:

> thoughts are actions
> words are actions
> deeds are actions.
> we have placed the most value on material activity. hence the term if it
> is not documented it did not happen, or if it cannot be proven it is not
> valid. documentation and proofs make the acton repeatable and hence
> useful. paradoxes and intractability are avoided at all costs.
> yet this is where new thinking and innovations occur the most. what is a
> paradox now is a new understanding tomorrow. what is intractable today
> becomes possible tomorrow. as our abilities grow so does our ability to
> produce material effects.
> dialogue allows us to explore paradoxes and intractable equations and
> hence push the envelope on new thinking and innovative conversation. in
> the end we all benefit.

With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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