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Date: 05/22/01

Replying to LO26700 --

Dear Folke GŁnther

I read this www. paper, for which thank you and went inside my head having
just stepped out of some water (my bath) into the sun (my garden) to
reflect on ...these words...

" T'is the property of water to wet & the property of fire to burn." As
You Like IT ;-) William Shakespeare.
And then, "If human vices like greed and envy are systematically cultivated
there is nothing less than a collapse of human intelligence...he loses the
power of seeing things as they are...of seeing things in their
roundness...()steady dwig, steady...()
and wholeness, and his very success becomes a failure."
E.F. Schumacher (1974)

Bateson, in another way says a similarity, but him speaking of land now
and me thinking of people..." A science of land health needs, first of
all, a base-datum of normality, a picture of how healthy land maintains
itself as an organism."



Andrew Campbell


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