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From: Folke Günther (
Date: 05/21/01

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Chris Klopper wrote:

> Within an LO we should find a Learning (marketing) Organisation. On an
> imaginary ladder of learning we should then also find LMO's at different
> levels. It seems to suggest that Marketing can be thought of as a complex
> self-organising system within which we will find different self-organising
> complex marketing systems.

I have been into this idea myself. (Systems ecologist, studying complex
self-organising systems, among else)

If you can define marketing systems (or the total economy system) as a
selforganising, complex system, then the general principles that apply for
complex ecological systems (e.g. maximising available exergy utilisation,
maturing etc.) could also have some explanatory implications for economic

Ecological systems are for example inclined to utilise exergy from a flow
(i.e. the sun), which leads to a sigmiod growth curve, but in theis case
economic systems utilise exergy from a source, which leads to a
exponential growth pattern (more on this at )

This depicts a gloomy perspective regarding our future (see: the olduvai
theory at LO26685)



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