Self-organising complex marketing systems LO26710

Date: 05/22/01

Replying to LO26702 --

At writes,

"Is it possible to think of Love-Agape itself as an irreversibly
self-organising complex marketing system? Is it possible for Love-Agape to
become a GMS? It is possible to unlock the Love-Agape of all peoples by
issuing shares in it? What would this shares be called? Shares are called
in economy stocks, in politics votes, in religion confessions, in science
papers and in education certificates. But what will they be called in
Love-Agape? I think we may call them GRACE. Grace has a radiant spectrum
of meanings. As a noun among others it means refinement, presence,
dexterity, harmony, virtue, compassion, forgiveness and benediction. As a
verb it also means adorn, beautify, enhance and dignify. Let us serve the
GMS of Love-Agape by sharing deeds of grace with whomever comes our way.

With care and best wishes "

Dear At, Dear Chris and Dear Learners,

This is all very strange to me, indeed it is.

In order At for you to know about that 'strangeness' requires that CK
print something called "P. G. P. Grace" (I think you know what that is
Chris;-) and send it in any way appropriate to At. I only ask you because
I think, feel, know and intuit that 'you came (my) way' most recently so
that would be most fitting.

Now, back to an entropic garden.

Love and thanks,



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