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From: Chris Macrae (
Date: 05/25/01

what do you read to go the first pratical step beyond the theory?

I wrote this mail for another discussion group (community of practice) but
rather than change its flow, I would like to ask whether this sort of
issue is also one relevant to LOers...

It occurred to me what I'd really like to know is:
are there any references to what should be done
to visualise what a company's KnowledgeSharing system should be PRIOR
to making a business case, prior to all the "metrics" issues?

Its my view that independent of the technology, KS platform etc and the
question of budget, the PRIOR really big step is to sit down and clarify
what is the absolute SIMPLEST knowledge-conversation we wish
to ensure resonates across the company so that everything
that passes through those system channels :
 -is actionable
 -relevant to company's leadership vision, ie aligns adding of value NOT
adding of cost
 -motivates a knowledge-sharing culture in which people
understand why its their responsibility to contribute
for the good of the whole; ie seeds the right culture for knowledge-sharing
 -gets people to understand that transparency - open book is the way
of the future for almost all need to know information ( this is the digital
networkingway for hierarchy to become hyperarchy)
 -is 100% linked to all major decisions the Board makes
 -is integrative of the diversity of culture and other human needs an
international company should care about

<add to this shopping list other items a brilliantly simple KS system
should resonate with>

Once you've got your shopping list,
just blueprinting (doodling!) the people and group dynamics of such a
knowledge-system-for-action and clarifying what the knowledge loci are,
how to pilot stuff from grassroot levels as well as the top,
would seem to me to be the step prior to going into
this whole issue of business case for knowledge,....

I'd also like to know what sort of disciplinary labels of people
are doing the above stuff needed prior to jumping in to business case of KS:
are CommunityofPractice people doing it?

I can tell you it's the hottest area of global branding gurus right now. Its
core to any company that sees itself with a future competing in markets
Its core to any company that cares about delivering value to consumers
and seizing new digital opportunities.
Its core to any company that has decided that its probably best
to make its business model open to all employees...

But who else is doing this work? And are they doing
it independently of having a sell-on interest (eg technology installation)?

The world's top 10 global branding consultants know there are parts of how
to do this that are not within the profession's traditional
we'd love to link to people coming from different experiences

This PRIOR step isn't a matter of needing a business case for KS any
more than its obvious that human beings need air to breathe.

chris macrae,
Chief Brand Officers Association, Founding Group


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