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From: Leo Minnigh (l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl)
Date: 05/29/01

Replying to LO26722 --

Dear LO'ers, dear Hua Ling,

What an intriguing question, Hua Ming, at least for me:

> [Host's Note: In a long subject line, Hua Ming requests training materials
> for the 7 Steps Problem Solving Skills. ..Rick]
> Can you share the knowledge with me?

THE 7 steps?! Are there always seven steps? And always the same in the
same order?
Seven?! Or eleven, three, ten?

Is Hua Ming referring to something that I am not aware of?
Or is it you, Rick?

[Host's Note: See Barry Malis' reply LO26729. I don't know if "_The_ 7
Step PS Method" is a trademark of Center for Quality of Management. In
many of my clients I see a recommended problem solving process that's
similar to what Barry describes. When I saw Hua Ming's question, I thought
it was about this family of methods. ..Rick]

Please could you inform me somewhat more. I have some ideas about problem
solving, but don't know how to match this with your question.

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