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From: Roy Benford (
Date: 05/30/01

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>Secondly, allow me to question Roy.
>Roy, from time to time some of us had quarrels on our LO-dialogue, but in
>the spirit of a LO we are learning how to resolve them or avoid them
>without ducking the dialogue. But your comment made me feel as if I am
>living in a different world. Is there some present current unknown to me
>which upsets people? Am I part of this present current?

I do not think that there such a current. However, I do think that there
is a cultural dichotomy regarding the individual and that to expose this
may cause a major upset.

>I know that I often upset many fellow learners because of my mental
>explorations. I try to avoid upsetting them too much, but that is not
>possible. But three things I know for sure:--
>* it is impossible for me self to learn without getting upset and
>* my passion for learning keep on growing.
>* "we all will have through learning" to prepare ourselves for vast coming
> changes which will upset us far more than what learning can do.

It is good to hear that somebody else gets upset during the learning

>For example, this morning I woke up at owl's hour, went to the TV,
>switched it on an set the channel to CNN. At that moment they had a news
>bulletin on pres Bush, his latest energy strategy and all the
>controvercies surrounding it. I switched the TV off, went to bed, and
>could not sleep again because of anguish. If I would have been pres Bush,
>I would have made very sure that the following release would be as close
>to the truth as possible:.....................snip.........................

An interesting story that would mean a significant re-alignment of a
national cultural. It reminded me of an academic paper by William Evan of
The Wharton School, titled "Identification with the Human Species: A
Challenge for the Twenty-First Century".

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


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